ORION fiberglass brush for permanent jewelry | CHF 19.90

ORION fiberglass brush for permanent jewelry | CHF 19.90

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Achieve flawless welding results with the ORION Fiberglass Brush, an indispensable tool for fine finishing work in the area of ​​permanent jewelry. This high-quality fiberglass brush is ideal for cleaning and polishing your weld seams!🌍!

👆 Precise and gentle cleaning

With the ORION Fiberglass Brush you can gently clean weld seams without damaging the surrounding material. It is perfect for removing excess material or traces of oxidation.

💪 Durable and efficient

This robust fiberglass brush was specially developed for use in the jewelry sector and offers you a long-lasting and efficient solution for your welding work.

🛡️ Ideal for fine details

Thanks to its fine bristles, you can also work precisely on hard-to-reach areas. The ORION Fiberglass Brush is a must for every jewelry manufacturer who values ​​perfection.

🔒 Indispensable for post-processing

Complement your welding supplies with this essential tool to add the finishing touches to your jewelry and elevate it to a professional level.

🚚 Fast delivery from Switzerland

Benefit from our fast and reliable shipping directly from our Swiss warehouse.

With the ORION Fiberglass Brush you get a tool that enables precise cleaning and fine polishing of your welding work.

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