The journey of reopening our store in Munich 🌟

The opening of a new store is always an exciting chapter, but the opening of our first store abroad is a milestone in the history of Gold & Mary. Munich, a city known for its love of elegance and quality, was chosen to bring our unique permanent bracelets to a new audience. The journey from the initial idea to the new opening was an exciting adventure full of discoveries and anticipation. Here we give you an insight into our journey to the reopening Munich. 🌄


The location selection 📍

The decision for Bazaar Noir in Munich was a stroke of luck. Located in the vibrant district Haidhausen, Bazaar Noir is not only an established and functioning store, but also a place that perfectly suits its target group with its trendy atmosphere Gold & Mary fits. The collaboration enabled us to integrate smoothly and we are delighted to be able to gain a foothold in this trendy district that embodies a mix of traditional charm and modern elegance. With Bazaar Noir we have found the ideal partner to take our first step abroad and are excited about the many opportunities this new partnership offers in an exciting new market 🤝


The challenges of the international market 🌐

With the decision to open our first store abroad, new challenges emerged. From applying for permits to navigating the tax and business registration processes in Germany, each country has its own laws and requirements that need to be understood and met. Another important task was adapting our website. Until then, our website was nationally oriented, now it was important to maintain it internationally. This included integrating new currencies and languages ​​to meet the different needs and expectations of our international customers. This intensive phase was filled with learning moments and showed us how strong our team is when it comes to overcoming the hurdles Gold & Mary to bring us closer to our customers..


The countdown to the opening

In the days leading up to the upcoming one Opening on October 27, 2023 there is a whirlwind of preparations and unstoppable excitement. Anticipation grows with each passing day and the team's energy and commitment are contagious. The lists of final tasks are getting longer, but the anticipation drives us to get a little closer to the big day every day.


The expectant anticipation of the big day 📅

October 27, 2023, opening day, is a date we all have marked on the calendar with eager anticipation. We can hardly wait to open the doors of our new store in Munich and see the positive reactions from our first customers. Preparations are in full swing to ensure everything is perfect for this important step in the history of Gold & Mary.

The upcoming reopening in Munich is a proud moment for all of us Gold & Mary. It symbolizes not only our growth, but also the deep connection we have with our community. We look forward to the remaining days until the opening with joy and look forward to the many new encounters and experiences that still lie ahead of us in the charming city of Munich. Collaborating with Bazaar Noir is the start of an exciting new phase and we are thrilled to continue our journey here..

 Opening Store Munich

Visit us in Munich or book your appointment now! 🎉

We warmly invite you to visit us in our new store in Munich and explore the unique world of Gold & Mary to experience personally. Our doors open on October 27th and we can't wait to welcome you. If you would like to plan your visit now, we offer you the option of making a personal appointment here to book.

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