B2B Bracelet Essentials

Welcome to the B2B section of Gold & Mary - the center for professionalism and excellence. We are proud to be official partners of Sunstone and Stones & Findings, the leading names in the world of Permanent Bracelets. These exclusive partnerships allow us to offer you the best products and services and meet your needs optimally. Our privileged access to market-defining products and materials solidifies our role as experts and a reliable point of contact in the Permanent Bracelet Business.

Our Partners

Why should you choose Gold & Mary? Our expertise and commitment to quality are confirmed by a consistently excellent 5-star rating on Google. As your advisors and companions on the path to success, we offer a comprehensive range - from precision tools to the latest innovations and accessories.

Immerse yourself in a world that we have created for you in close collaboration with Sunstone and Stones & Findings. A world based on trust, expertise, and lasting success. With us, you will find not only products but also inspiration and the opportunity to become part of a dynamic professional community.

Start your journey with us and experience what it means to have a partner by your side who understands and supports every detail of your business. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, we provide access to top-notch products and knowledge to help you succeed in the field of Permanent Bracelets.