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Hello dear jewelry lovers! 💍

We have exciting news for you. So far we have used the Simplybook.it booking tool to organize our appointments. But after careful consideration and analysis, we decided to go ahead Servicify switch. You're probably wondering why 🤔

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Why switch to Servicify? 🔄

Servicify offers us and especially you as a customer numerous advantages:

  1. Easy handling: You can book your appointment with just a few clicks. No technical effort, no coding. Easy and uncomplicated. 🖱️
  2. Automatic reminders: You will receive automatic reminders via email and SMS, including calendar invitations. This way you won't forget an appointment again! 📅
  3. Integrated into our system: Everything can be managed directly from our admin dashboard. No matter whether appointment changes or cancellations, everything is updated directly in your orders. 🔧
  4. Adaptation to our shop: The design of Servicify automatically adapts to the design of our shop. This keeps the shopping experience consistent and pleasant. 🛍️

Important information for existing bookings: 📣

All previous bookings made on Simplybook.it have already been transferred to the new system. Nothing changes for these dates. So you can sit back, relax and look forward to your appointment! 😊

What does that mean to you? 🤷

By switching to Servicify, booking appointments will become even easier and more convenient for you. You can count on a seamless experience and never have to worry about missed appointments. In addition, through integration into our system we can respond even better to your needs and offer you an even better service. 💖

We are pleased to be able to offer you an improved booking experience with this change and hope to welcome you to one of our studios soon!

See you soon and best regards
✨ Your Gold & Mary team

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