Behind the scenes:Our adventure in Munich.

On March 30, 2024, we opened our newest store in Munich's old town. This day marks a new chapter in our history and was filled with events that make Munich so unique.

Munich is a city between tradition and football fever ⚽️

The decision to choose Munich as the location for our newest store was perfect. The mix of Bavarian tradition and lively city life provided the ideal setting for our move. The short journey to the airport and the good public transport connections make it easy for our customers to reach us. But on opening day, Munich was in turmoil not only because of us. A Bundesliga football match between Dortmund and Bayern filled the city with even more energy. The logistical challenges, especially in traffic, became an exciting hurdle that we had to overcome. It was a brilliant start to spring. 🚚

In addition to the football euphoria, we were greeted by bright blue skies and warm sunlight at a pleasant 20C - a perfect start to spring. ☀️🌷

The opening was full of dynamism,

A steady wave of walk-in customers curiously exploring our store. Due to the great interest, we offered a flexible solution. Interested parties could make an appointment for a later date by scanning a QR code.

The first days after

The opening was characterized by encounters that showed us the diversity and openness of the Munich audience. We are proud to be part of this wonderful city. We look forward to growing with you. We look forward to what is to come.

A big thank you goes to our team for their tireless efforts and to you, our Gold&Mary family, for your enthusiasm and support.

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