Body Chain:A story of individuality and self-expression

Emotionen Erinnerungen Freundschaft Gold & Mary Liebe Permanent Body Chain

At Gold & Mary is about the unique connection between jewelry and personal stories. In this blog post we tell the inspiring story of Michèle, a customer who had a permanent body chain created.

Body Chain von Gold & Mary bei Kundin angebracht

An extraordinary wish:

Michèle had a clear vision for her permanent body chain. She wanted a piece of jewelry that would accentuate her body and be expressive. We were fascinated by their idea and their courage to create something extraordinary.

The jewelry design process began and we worked closely with Michèle to make her vision a reality. From selecting the chain type to attaching it with our welder (by Sunstone!) - every step was a creative process.

Michèle was an inspiring source and showed that jewelry can be more than "just" an accessory. The Permanent Body Chain was an individual statement and a true work of art. It adapted perfectly to Michèl's body and emphasized her unique contours, reflecting her personality and strength.

Each element told a story of individuality and self-expression. Michèle can be proud of the piece of jewelry that is so personal and powerful.

Final Thoughts:

At Gold & Mary We are proud to support customers who have the courage to realize their own vision of beauty. May her story inspire you that every step of jewelry design can be a journey toward meaningful expression.

Would you like to find out more about permanent body chains? Contact us by email, WhatsApp, call us or visit us in our stores St. Gallen and or Winterthur.

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