Gold & Mary successfully celebrates the opening of its second branch in Winterthur!

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The excitement was literally palpable when... August 19, 2023 the doors of ours second branch in Winterthur have been opened to our valued community. It was an unforgettable day when we were able to welcome numerous customers and delight them with our unique permanent bracelets. We would like to take this moment to tell you about our exciting opening and express our gratitude. Read on to find out more about this memorable day!

🍀 An unforgettable opening day:

The opening of our second branch in Winterthur was a big milestone for our team at Gold & Mary. Prepared for an unforgettable event, we welcomed our customers with open arms. The atmosphere was characterized by joy, curiosity and positive energy. Our permanent bracelets, which were made with love and dedication, shone on the shelves and attracted attention.

We welcomed many people who were curious to discover our handmade jewelry. From timeless designs to individual customizations, there was something for every taste. Our customers had the opportunity to experience the beauty and quality of our permanent bracelets up close and be inspired by their uniqueness.

🫶🏻 Gratitude and anticipation:

We were deeply touched by the enthusiasm and support of our community. We would like to thank everyone who made this special day a success. Whether you were one of the first customers to visit our branch or whether you sent us heartfelt congratulations, every gesture made a difference..

We are excited for the future and to continue our mission of creating unforgettable moments through our permanent bracelets. Your support means everything to us and we are proud to be part of your story. Our team is here to inspire, advise and share the magic of Gold & Mary with you.

⭐ Final Thoughts:

The opening of our second branch in Winterthur was an absolute success that fills us with gratitude. We look forward to welcoming you to our new branch and accompanying you on your journey to create unforgettable moments through our permanent bracelets. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and news from Gold & Mary!

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