Permanent Bracelet Price:How much does an Eternal Bracelet cost at Gold & Mary? 💎

Gold & Mary Preise

You are thinking about getting a forever bracelet and are wondering how much it costs. At Gold & Mary we not only offer you unique permanent bracelets, but also transparent prices. Immerse yourself in the world of infinity bracelets and discover our offers!!

🔗 bracelet

You love the shine and want an eternal bracelet that is not only beautiful but also lasts forever. Our selection offers::

  • 14k 18k Gold Filled:: From CHF 69
  • 925 Sterling Silver: From CHF 59
  • 14k solid gold: From CHF 129

🦶 Anklets (basic price like bracelets)

  • 14k 18k Gold Filled:: + CHF 15
  • 925 Sterling Silver: + CHF 10
  • 14k solid gold: Upon request

📿 Necklaces

  • 14k 18k Gold Filled:: + CHF 25
  • 925 Sterling Silver: + CHF 20
  • 14k solid gold: Upon request

💍 Rings & Body Chains

We will be happy to provide you with the prices for these special pieces of jewelry that perfectly match your Forever Bracelet upon request.

🌟 Charms & Connectors

  • 14k 18k Gold Filled:: From CHF 59
  • 925 Sterling Silver: From CHF 51
  • 14k solid gold: From CHF 60

🛍️ Your individual price

The price of your desired bracelet depends on your individual preferences. In our store you can look at and try everything out at your leisure. But be careful: we do not offer walk-ins. Please book your visit in advance through us Appointment booking tool.

💳 It's that easy to pay with us

We want you to feel completely comfortable with us. That's why we offer you various payment options: cash, Twint, credit cards and Paypal. Jewelry shopping can be so easy and flexible!

📜 Receipt & Guarantee

If you choose a piece of jewelry from us, you will not only receive a unique accessory, but also a receipt from us. This not only serves as proof of purchase, but also as a guarantee certificate for the weld seam for a full 24 months. At Gold & Mary we focus on quality, trust and satisfaction..

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