An unforgettable opening weekend in Munich

Eröffnung Expansion München

Permanent Bracelets now in Munich

The opening of the new Gold & Mary store last weekend was a shining example of the combination of visionary management and the timeless elegance of Permanent Bracelets. This day will be remembered not only as another milestone in Gold & Mary's history, but also as a testament to the commitment and passion of the entire team.

📜 Preparation and administration

The preparations for the opening were intensive and required a lot of effort. From coordinating with the tax office and trade office to ensuring all legal and operational requirements were met, the team was constantly on the move. But the hard work was worth it.

🌟 The radiant team behind the opening

Helena, Noémie and Simone, three of the shining stars of the Gold & Mary team, were the driving force behind the opening. They were on site to ensure everything ran smoothly, from setting up the location to greeting the many customers eagerly heading for the door.

Permanent Bracelets in München Store Einblick

📍 Perfect location with Bazaar Noir

With Bazaar Noir We have found the ideal location and partner in Munich. The beating heart of Munich, Au-Haidhausen, became even more alive with the presence of Gold & Mary. The store was buzzing with activity and full of curious customers eager to experience the magic of permanent bracelets.

☕ Welcoming atmosphere and the finest coffee

The atmosphere was electric. Customers flocked to the store, attracted by the magic of the permanent bracelets and the warm hospitality of the team. There was the finest coffee from one New Simonelli machine, which further brightened the mood and created a cozy atmosphere.

Simonelli Kaffemaschine im Store

💎 Magical moments and deep connections

There were many memorable moments during the opening. From the first customer who admired her new permanent bracelet to the young couple who decided to give each other bracelets as a token of their love. Every moment was a testament to the deep connection people have with jewelry and Gold & Mary's ability to deepen that connection through their unique creations.

🎉 An overwhelming success

As the day came to a close, one thing was clear: the opening of the Gold & Mary store was an overwhelming success. It was a testament to the vision, passion and commitment of a team that believes in its mission and is willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

🚪 Visit us!

For everyone who missed this special day, the Gold & Mary Store Munich is now officially open and ready to introduce you to the fascinating world of permanent bracelets.

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