Welcome to the team, Helena - our first permanent jewelry designer!

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Hello dear Gold & Mary community!

Today we would like to make a very special announcement. We welcome an incredibly talented young woman to our team - Helena, our first Permanent Jewelry Designer!

With her high school diploma under her belt, Helena is in her gap year and has decided to share her passion for fashion, jewelry and creativity with us before she begins her stay and studies abroad in the summer of 2024. Her enthusiasm, commitment and eye for the latest trends make her the perfect addition to our growing team.

From August Helena will be in our newly opened store in Winterthur and will make your experience at Gold & Mary even more unforgettable. Whether you're getting your first permanent bracelet or expanding your collection, Helena will be there to ensure every piece is as unique as you.

We are proud to welcome Helena to Gold & Mary and look forward to everything she will bring to our company. Your hiring is another step in our journey to revolutionize the world of permanent bracelets in Switzerland.

So come by, say “Hello” to Helena and let yourself be inspired by her creativity and skills!

With love, your Gold & Mary team

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