Gold & Mary becomes an official partner of Sunstone

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We have exciting news to announce: Gold & Mary has reached an important milestone that further underlines our commitment to quality, safety and sustainability in our business. It is with great joy and pride that we can announce that we official partner of Sunstone, the market leader for certified and high-quality jewelry welding equipment. The contract was signed today - an important moment in our company's history..

This partnership is not only a big win for Gold & Mary, but also for you, our loyal customers. Sunstone stands for top quality and safety, and by working together we will be able to offer this standard in all our stores. This means you can rest assured that your permanent bracelets will always be installed using the best and safest equipment on the market.

The quality of the equipment is of central importance in the jewelry craft. Unfortunately, there are still providers in the industry who use cheaper and potentially unsafe, uncertified equipment. However, this is not an option for Gold & Mary. Safety, quality and sustainability are the pillars of our business and we only want the best for our customers and our team.

By partnering with Sunstone, we can now ensure that our partners are only provided with the best equipment. We look forward to working with Sunstone to provide a safe and high-quality jewelry experience, thereby raising the standard in the industry.

We are very much looking forward to the bright future ahead. Thank you for being part of it and accompanying us on this exciting journey. We are excited about all the glittering moments that lie ahead of us.

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